Our Solution


Intensifying bioreactor for higher product margins

One of DAB’s solutions is to continuous produce and harvest product at the same time. This integrated solution avoids product inhibition, leads to a lower downtime and higher productivity. DABs solution is scalable a tailor-made integrated bioreactor or flexible add-onsolution. Contact our process engineers and find out more.

Providing upscale guidance and quantitative fermentations

DAB’s team has experience in industrial fermentations and downstream processing to tune bioconversion systems to our client’s specifications and demonstrate it’s technological solutions at relevant scale. Our approach is to combine our customer knowledge with our expertise to define, design and optimize the ideal processes for making the product at scale. “Begin with the end in mind”, like our co-founder em. prof. Sef Heijnen says.

Worry Free service programs

DAB offers service and research contract at location. DAB has experience in setting up, operating and troubleshooting of bioreactors and integrated process schemes for biotech applications (non-pharma). We are highly motivated and help our client to make it work. We can assist in special tasks, in projects and or at peak moments. Our service can help you to manage growth with a lower financial risks and guaranteed quality control.

ISPR to increase productivity